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Porters Podcast - iTem 0010

Porters Podcast - iTem 0010

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This is Episode 10 of Porters Podcast.  Porter answers questions about the Origins of Chess, His favorite StarWars Characters and Movie, How to make an Emerald Sword in MineCraft and more.  


Links for this Episode:

Country of the week - Mexico

How do you say "Thank You" in Spanish

Info on Emerald Swords in MineCraft

Info on the Origins of Chess



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If you have any questions or problems for Porter - give him a call at 1-206-666-4357 or send an email to porterspodcast@gmail.com 

This is Episode 9 of Porters Podcast. Porter answers questions about the Invetor of Basketball, the current coach of Kansas University, What Killed the Dinosaurs, how long it takes a Rain Drop to hit the ground and more. 


Links for this Episode:

Country of the week - the Republic of Korea

How do you say "Thank You" in Korean

Info on Dr. James Naismith

Capital of Minnesota


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